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Welcome to Atelier Hangeul,

your premier destination for Korean gifts.

We blend the art of Korean tradition with contemporary craftsmanship.

At our atelier, we offer a unique collection of handmade items, each imbued with the spirit of Korea's heritage.

Discover personalized wooden bookmarks, intricately carved with your name in elegant Korean characters, and bespoke Korean temporary tattoos that showcase traditional motifs.

Our creations are more than just products; they are gateways to the rich cultural tapestry of Korea, designed to integrate the beauty of Hangeul into your everyday life.

Explore our range and find the perfect Korean gift for yourself or a loved one today.

  • Handmade wooden bookmark with engraved Korean calligraphy and a drawing of a cat's face, resting on an open book's page in sunlight.
  • A hand gently touching a forsythia blossom, with a Hangul script temporary tattoo on the inner wrist, signifying a connection with nature
  • A hand holding a handmade wooden bookmark with Korean calligraphy and a heart and arrow illustration, complemented by the person's bright yellow nail polish and a whimsical temporary tattoo on the wrist.
  • A wrist adorned with a delicate floral temporary tattoo, with blooming trees in the background, symbolizing spring.
  • An arm with a Hangul script temporary tattoo placed on the inner forearm, above a colorful botanical design tattoo, against a yellow background.
  • Two wooden bookmarks with personalized Korean calligraphy and small flower engravings, held up against a green shrubbery background.
  • An arm extended against a textured wall with leafy shadows, featuring a line of Hangul script as a temporary tattoo, complemented by a wooden bead bracelet.
  • Handmade wooden bookmark with a simple smiling face illustration and Korean calligraphy, marking a page in a book adorned with pineapple graphics—a unique personalized gift.
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