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Atelier Hangeul

Korean Calligraphy Wood Bookmark with Your Name in Korean

Korean Calligraphy Wood Bookmark with Your Name in Korean

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We ship to 20 countries :

US, France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.
If your country is not in the above list, please contact us and we'll do our best to find an available option for you.



It is based on your delivery zone.

It may vary from 6 USD to 8.50 USD



Standard (Post) - 7 to 10 days

* Please note that personalized items (bookmark etc) take additional 3~4 days since they are made upon your order.

1. Front Side - Choose your design type.

Choose from our 23 beautifully crafted pieces, each featuring a poetic Korean sentence that embodies the artistry and elegance of Korean literature.

Curious about their meanings? Simply click below for translations and embrace the stories behind each artistic creation.


Korean bookmark front side

Click to see translation of each poetic Korean phrases

A. Flowers bloom in kind words.
   - 다정한 말에는 꽃이 핀다

B. You were there in my brightest moment.
   - 내가 가장 빛나는 순간에 네가 있었다

C. Let's laugh a lot more today than yesterday.
   - 오늘은 어제보다 많이 웃자

D. I'm always cheering for you, cheer up!
   - 언제나 널 응원해 힘내!

E. You did well, are doing well, and will do well.
   - 잘했고 잘하고있고 잘 할거야

F. Let's only walk on a path of flowers.
   - 꽃길만 걸어요 우리

G. Precious things are close by.
   - 소중한 것은 가까이 있다

H. Keep your heart fresh and fluttering.
   - 파릇파릇 싱싱하게 마음 온도 유지

I. The small joys of everyday life.
   - 소소한 일상의 작은 즐거움

J. You are doing enough, doing well.
   - 너는 잘하고 있어 충분히

K. Life is about direction, not speed.
   - 삶은 속도가 아니라 방향이다

L. All the times spent with you were dazzling.
   - 너와 함께한 모든 시간 눈부셨다

M. Be thankful for today and look forward to tomorrow.
   - 오늘에 감사하고 내일을 기대해

N. May you only hear kind words, see beautiful things, and receive enough love to overflow.
   - 좋은 말만 듣고 예쁜 것만 보며 벅찰만큼 사랑받길

O. It's not because the flowers bloom; it's spring because you came.
   - 꽃이 피어서가 아니라 네가 와서 봄이다

P. The days that led to you just by looking at a single roadside flower.
   - 길가에 풀꽃 하나만 봐도 당신으로 이어지던 날들

Q. Don't get down on yourself, live, and bloom; it's really nice.
   - 기죽지 말고 살아봐 피워봐 참 좋아

R. Not every day is happy, but there's something happy in every day.
   - 매일 행복하진 않지만 행복한 일은 매일있어

S. You're my universe, you're my everything.
   - 넌 내 우주야 넌 내 전부야

T. Always together, just like the beginning.
   - 늘 처음처럼 함께할게

U. Failure is proof that you're trying.
   - 실패는 당신이 노력하고 있다는 증거이다

V. May the moon shine like the moon, stars like stars, and I shine true to myself.
   - 달은 달처럼 별은 별처럼 나는 나답게 빛나길

W. Eat, pray, and love.
   - 먹고 기도하고 사랑하라

2. Back Side - Your name in Korean

Back Side - Tell us your name.

We'll write your name in Korean alphabet, Hangeul.

If you already know how your name is written in Korean, fantastic! Please share it with us.


If you're not sure, no worries at all!

Just write your name as it is. We will thoughtfully transliterate it into Hangeul.

We want to ensure your name shines in its best light in Hangeul.

* You can upload an audio file to tell us how you pronounce your name. 

* You can reach out to us via Whatsapp and send us a voice message. (Please tell us your order number.)


3. Choose your leather string color

Accent your personalized bookmark with a touch of individuality:

Choose from 9 stunning suede string colors to add the perfect finishing touch.


Handmade Wood Bookmark
Engrave Your Name in Beautiful Korean calligraphy Hangeul


* Product size : 14cm X 3cm X 0.3cm (length * width * thickness) | (5.5 * 1.2 * 0.12 inch)

* All our bookmarks are handmade in our atelier in Korea.

* Please allow 2~3 working days + international delivery.

* Confirm your order. We'll get back to you with your name written in Hangeul / front side design / string color.

* As each item is handmade with care in our atelier, production times can vary based on our current workload. We appreciate your patience and promise it will be worth the wait.

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