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Atelier Hangeul

Pure Korean One Word Temporary Tattoos

Pure Korean One Word Temporary Tattoos

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We ship to 20 countries :

US, France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.
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Standard (Post) - 7 to 10 days

* Please note that personalized items (bookmark etc) take additional 3~4 days since they are made upon your order.


 Size - 120 X 90 mm (4.7 X 3.5 in)
Temporary tattoo sheet featuring bold Sino-Korean words in black ink, ready for application to share the beauty of Korean language.

Application & Removal

To apply,

1. Ensure the skin is dry and free of oils or makeup. (This is the most important step!)
2. Peel off the design and place it onto the skin.
3. Press firmly, ensuring every part of the tattoo makes contact with the skin.
4. Slowly and carefully start to peel away the backing. As you peel, ensure that the transparent layer remains attached to the skin and only the backing is coming off.
5. Voilà! Your Korean Hangeul Temporary Tattoo is ready to shine.

To remove,

Rub over gently under warm water or use alcohol swabs.

Care Instructions

- Once applied, you'll see white transparent edges around the design. Press firmly and it will disappear soon.

- Avoid friction and the design will last up to 1~2 days.

Is it safe? Can kids use it?

- Yes. Our temporary tattoos have been clinically tested for product safety (UL and KC) to ensure it meets safety regulatory requirements.

- Children 3 years and older can enjoy them.

- If you’re worried about skin allergies or you’re experiencing discomfort post-application, please contact us.

Discover their meanings

* Unlike most Sino-Korean words (words that were previously in the Chinese language and borrowed and still used in the Korean language), these are pure Korean words (words that aren't taken from anywhere and are simply made from the Korean language). 

미르: "Dragon"

미리내: "Milky Way" - The celestial river of stars that spans the heavens, a silvery band of light in the night sky.

한울: "Universe"

여우별: "A star that briefly emerges then hides on a gloomy day" - A fleeting glimpse of hope that shines momentarily, even when skies are somber.

온새미로: "Ever unchanging, in nature's true form" - A word denoting constancy and the untouched, pristine state of the natural world.

달물결: "Ripples glistening under moonlight" - The gentle undulations of water, bathed in the soft, luminous embrace of the moon.

Pure Korean One Word Temporary Tattoos

Introducing our collection of Korean Hangeul Temporary Tattoos—a fusion of tradition and innovation. Each piece is a celebration of the beautiful art of Hangeul, designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Unlike traditional temporary tattoos, our unique no-water-needed application makes adorning your skin with Korean culture as effortless as placing a sticker. Perfect for on-the-go adornment, these tattoos allow you to carry a piece of heritage with you, effortlessly.


**Innovative No-Water Application** Our tattoos apply smoothly without water, making them perfect for any time, any place.

**No Mess, No Fuss** Pre-trimmed for easy peel-off—no scissors required!

**Instant Cultural Connection** Embrace the essence of Korean heritage with a simple peel and stick.

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